The big swings in the weather are making it really difficult to give an accurate fishing report.  With the warm up that is forecasted I expect the fish patterns to change from what they are now with the cold weather.  The bite did slow down with the temps dropping, but not as much as I expected.  I think a lot of fisherman who got frustrated were just not able to adjust to the new patterns.  With the 6″ of snow we just got that will lower the light under the ice significantly.  That may bring the crappies off of the bottom during the day.  The crappie bite has improved significantly in the last few days, I have gotten multiple reports of guys catching keepers during the day.  Your best bet is still early and late.  Over by the lights the northern and bass continue to hit well, but the perch bite has been sporadic with more days last week being a bust then good.  That bite really varies day to day so if you are after jumbo perch your best bet is to go check by the lights and move on if you’re not seeing any activity.  Surprisingly there has been a good bluegill bite when the perch are not moving through.  I expect all fishing to improve with the weather this week. Below is a picture of a big perch that an employee of Schafer’s caught yesterday afternoon!