Weather continues to be the hot topic for the lake.  Luckily we cooled down after the rain and all of the slop has pretty much frozen up.  From what I can tell we didn’t lose any measurable amount of ice, but I would be a bit more cautious in the areas that can be trouble.  The water has become a bit more stained but adjusting colors should take care of that problem.  I went out fishing yesterday afternoon and managed to catch some nice crappies and perch.  The sunset bite is definitely worth sticking around for and I caught my biggest crappie after dark.  The northern bite has continued to be excellent with both good sized fish as well as numbers coming out of the airport lights area.  The perch have also become more active over there but there are still days where they just don’t move through that area.  If you have been out and aren’t having much luck try moving to new areas.  Almost every day I talk to guys who are doing really well, and usually it is because they were flexible with location and presentation.  This weekend is the Atomic Ice Derby and we will be open until 8 PM Friday night and open at 4 AM Saturday morning.