It’s nice to see some warm weather head our way, although the quick warm up is dumping a lot of snowmelt in the river.  So far the lake is fine, once the river hits 10′ in La Crosse you start to see more dramatic changes on the lake.  I am cautiously optimistic that fishing will keep on improving through the high water, with water clarity being the big question.  I have heard upstream that they are keeping decent water clarity instead of chocolate milk that you can get with high water so cross your fingers.  As soon as it warmed up last week the crappies turned on.  I have been getting good reports from the few guys who have been out.  The pressure has been really light for whatever reason, which has been nice for the guys who are fishing.  The northern bite has been ok, it seems like they are really thrown off with this weird weather.  The bass have started picking up especially in Brice Prairie Channel.  Another interesting tidbit that I heard is that some guys who were floating for crappies last weekend were dragging crawlers on the bottom and picking up some nice perch.  I don’t think there was a ton in the way of numbers but there was size there.  Stop in and get the hot colors and the latest report!