If you haven’t been paying attention to water levels the biggest factor for fishing in the next few weeks will be water height.  We are forecasted to get to 12.5 ft at the La Crosse gauge, which will be 6 inches over flood stage.  It will be really interesting to see how the Bass Masters tournament goes with water rising as fast as it is.  Just because the water is going up doesn’t mean that there won’t be fishing opportunities.  I always like to take the opportunity to explore new areas when there is high water as well.  The fish will be moving off of the main channel and into the backwaters to get out of the current.  I know of guys who do really well on panfish and bass in flooded timber as well as the chutes and sloughs.  If you can target the areas that the fish are moving into you can have a day that will be hard to beat!  Stop in and get the latest water report and find out whats working best!