All of the rain we have gotten this week has not slowed down the bluegill bite one bit here on Lake Onalaska.  When the temps got up into the 90’s this past weekend it did slow things down for a day or two but we are right back at it!  If you are looking for crappies a fair amount are hanging out around 8-10 feet.  It is always difficult to get a handle on how exactly the crappie bite is going to be.  I know so far like the bluegills they have been running bigger this year.  My theory is that we are seeing the benefits of poor fishing this spring.  In regards to the perch the 9-10 inchers are being caught with more regularity, and I think there will be a big upswing in both numbers and size over the next 10 days or so with cooler weather moving in.  Stop in and get the latest report!