I can’t say I have much of a fishing report yet, however I do have some information on the ice for everyone.  The early cold has been welcome for everyone who is eager to get out but with the temperature swings we aren’t getting a hard fast freeze like last year.  This weekend has the potential to do some damage to the ice as well, so fish with a buddy and use your spud!  The last two days guys have been fishing out in front of the shop and reported 3 to 3 1/2 inches of ice.  There did make it to the dredge line and about 100 yards east and west of the landing.  Fishermans rd has about 4 inches and people have been out there for multiple days now.  Camp 22 has had fisherman on it but I have not gotten an ice report.  Lauderdale’s has guys on it now as well.  Again be careful if you go out this weekend, next week has some colder temps that will make some good ice for us!  Stop in and I will let you know what I have heard!

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