As I write this we are getting a good dose of rain which is making for some miserable fishing conditions.  There are still quite a few guys out despite the weather and it seems like the fish are sticking to the same pattern as the last week or so.  It has been good early and late, with some guys doing well midday.  Over by the lights the perch fishing has been heating up, access continues to be the biggest issue.  Hopefully the cold headed our way can tack on a few more inches so wheelers can make it around Rosebud soon.  Stop in for the latest report!Thanks,Chad

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This warm weather has slowed down the ice growth.  Luckily in the areas guys have been fishing we had a couple extra inches to spare.  If you have been fishing areas with current just be aware that it may be thinner than the last time you were out.  The good news is colder weather is on the way which should firm up everything quickly.  There are plenty of fish out in the dredge lines anywhere between 10-15 feet, you just need to be on them when they turn on.  Mornings and afternoons have been best with midday being slower.  A few guys have been able to pull in nice fish around lunch time so it isn’t a lost cause.  The fishery here on the lake is really healthy this winter with all panfish species running large, and I am expecting this winter to be dynamite!  With my expanded tanks I am now carrying 3 sizes of shiners, two sizes of rosie reds, crappie, and walleye minnows.  My freshwater tanks keep them healthy and lively!  Stop in to get the latest news.


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The fishing has been excellent so far on Lake Onalaska ever since the ice thickened up and guys were able to spread out a bit more.  Ice from the shop to Marge’s Island (with the exception of the dredge line running the shore of Rosebud) is around 7″.  The dredge line next to Rosebud is around 4″ because of the current.  The bite has slowed down directly in front of the shop, but to the east the fishing has been very good.  Guys are catching a mixed bag of crappies, bluegills, and perch with 10-13 ft being the best depth to target.  There are some jigs and plastics that work better than others.  Stop by and I can show what has been working!


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All good news to report this week!  We are steadily putting on ice with guys making it out to Marges Island.  Out in front of the shop we have 5+ inches.  Still need to be careful going close to Rosebud Island, although that should thicken up nicely the next few nights.  The fishing has been very good considering the areas that we are still limited to.  Guys have been catching a mixed bag of Bluegills, Crappies, and Perch.  The bite has been pretty steady through the day as well which is always nice.  Down by fishermans rd I have been told the ice is about 5 inches as well, and guys are catching Bluegills and Crappies.  There are also guys doing well on bass using tip ups and small shiners.  I have added minnow tanks so I will be carrying a larger variety and supply down here compared to previous years.  Stop in and get the latest report!

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