All good news to report this week!  We are steadily putting on ice with guys making it out to Marges Island.  Out in front of the shop we have 5+ inches.  Still need to be careful going close to Rosebud Island, although that should thicken up nicely the next few nights.  The fishing has been very good considering the areas that we are still limited to.  Guys have been catching a mixed bag of Bluegills, Crappies, and Perch.  The bite has been pretty steady through the day as well which is always nice.  Down by fishermans rd I have been told the ice is about 5 inches as well, and guys are catching Bluegills and Crappies.  There are also guys doing well on bass using tip ups and small shiners.  I have added minnow tanks so I will be carrying a larger variety and supply down here compared to previous years.  Stop in and get the latest report!