The ice conditions continue to improve. I would say we are averaging 10″, but there are still a few areas of concern. The open water over by the sailboat club is still an issue, and there is a pressure break running east to west from the tracks to the tip of the small islands running off the south east corner of Rosebud. I would think that the cold weather last night and tonight will help those two areas tremendously. There have been ATVs traveling from here to the lights just use caution around the small islands previously mentioned.

As far as fishing goes the bite has remained fairly steady. The northern bite has picked up a bit, and I would expect it to take off at any time here. The big question so far has been where are the big schools of perch. There has been some success west of the lights but not what you would normally see this time of year. They will be in at some point and if you catch them right away you will have a day to remember. The dredge lines east of me continue to hold lots of bluegills and crappies, the key is figuring out their feeding windows. The colder and snowier it gets the smaller the windows are. Stop in for the latest news!