The ice keeps growing and fish reports are starting to come in.  The channel in front of the shop to the east to halfway creek is averaging around 4 inches.  There are still areas that are thinner so if you venture out take a spud.  As far as fishing goes the perch bite has been good, I have seen multiple over 13″ brought into the shop.  The crappies are being a bit elusive I think the bite will improve when the ice gets a bit thicker.  The bluegill bite has been strong with a lot of nice eaters being caught.  I haven’t seen very many real big ones yet but they will show up soon enough.  Haven’t had many guys go for northern yet but they are getting caught jigging so I suspect it will be a good year for them.  Stop in for the latest reports on ice and fish!


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We finally have ice!  About 3″ in front of the shop, I ventured to the east a bit and the ice is pretty steady.  There is still open water around Marge’s Island and to the West of the shop so be careful if you explore past where people have been.  We should keep adding ice for the next few days but then we warm up for a bit.

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