I think I can officially say that we are through the midwinter lull.  The fact that the cold snap coincided with the lull did not help things.  The warm weather is definitely making a difference for fish activity.  The tip ups are absolutely on fire with both bass and northern being caught.  The perch are starting to ramp up and that bite should continue improving.  The big wild card this season has been the bluegills.  Marge’s Island has been the most consistent area for them but I have heard there are nice gills by the landing lights as well.  Although the crappie bite has been poor so far this season there are signs that we are going to have a good late ice bite.  Stop in for the latest report.

There has been a recent effort to raise some money to kick start some larger projects on the lake.  This year especially, but every year this lake absorbs a tremendous amount of fishing pressure and is still able to produce trophy fish!  In order to keep doing this, and also to make it even better habitat projects will need to be done.  For us to get a project studies need to be conducted on the lake showing what is wrong and the best way to fix it.  That is where we come in.  If we can all pitch in a few dollars we can make it happen!  Please go to gf.me/u/zb6wdz and give what you can!  Just think of the possibilities for fishing if we can get some more deep water habitat, islands with sheltered bays, and other features added to the lake!  We have a ton of water that is not currently good habitat and if that changes we will have so much better fishing!

Please go to gf.me/u/zb6wdz and donate today!