It seems as though we are entering that mid season bite where the fish get really picky.  Outside of bite windows that have varied from mornings to afternoon, you will need to dial in your presentation to what they want that day.  I have found that a lot of times smaller jigs with smaller plastics are the ticket.  As far as where to go the dredged area by the shop down to Marge’s Island has plenty of bluegills and crappies.  There was also a school of perch that were pretty active this last week.  Over by the lights has been unusually slow so far this year.  The tip-up bite has been below average, but I think the second half of the season is going to really pick up for the northerns.  The big perch schools have yet to show up, it doesn’t hurt to try, if you are one of the first ones to find the perch you will have some amazing fishing.  Stop in for the latest report.