I haven’t posted in a while because there has not been much to talk about.  The good news is fishing is picking up!  The tip-ups are starting to get very active, the northerns should be moving into their pre-spawn areas.  The perch have started moving in as well mostly east of the runway lights.  Crappies have been the steady bite for the winter and continue to bite well.  They are not always in the same place but if you poke around you will find them.  Bluegills are doing fair.  I am really confused about where the big ones are.  This fall was one of the best falls for bluegill fishing that I have seen, and I have yet to see the bigger ones through the ice like I was expecting.

Ice conditions remain good, and the shorelines are still strong.  The warm day yesterday made for a mess on top but we have not lost any ice yet.  Just remember that when we do start losing ice you can stop driving on it before someone puts a vehicle through.

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