I know people get frustrated when I don’t update the report, however I refuse to post fluff and only will post when I have something meaningful to report.  This warm weather has made the lake change at a really fast pace.  Before these 90 degree days I was just starting to see the crappies move into their staging areas before spawning.  In a matter of a few days I think they have started spawning.  If I am right we are seeing what is normally a 3 week process occur in less than a week.  I have even heard from a few guys that they have seen bluegills in the shallows starting to make beds.  That is amazing considering a little over a week ago we had water temps around 50.  With the weather returning to a more normal trend I hope we will get back to a regular rhythm.  I don’t expect to see the gills continue to make beds, but who knows.  The pike are absolutely on fire with both numbers and size being caught.  Bass are also picking up but its hard to avoid the pike right now.  Stop in for the latest news!