It looks like we are going to get the cold weather that we have been looking for.  Just this morning we have our first truck on the ice, they parked right by the landing.  I imagine people will keep pushing out farther with vehicles over the weekend.  You are still not able to get to the airport lights from this side of the lake.  The northern bite right in front of the shop took off last Thursday, and people have been having a lot of fun with it.  It has slowed down quite a bit since then, but I am sure you can still pick up a few flags without having to trek far onto the ice.  Elsewhere in the lake guys continue to pick up large northern.  The airport lights are remaining a popular destination for a lot of guys, and they are picking up nice perch.  The bluegills and crappies have been moving around in the deeper water, and depending on who you talk to the bite is either good or bad.  I think that if you remain mobile and are willing to move to find active fish you will have a good day.



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Start out again this week with ice conditions.  The area in front of the shop continues to thicken with plenty of ice for walking and ATV traffic if you stay in the well travelled areas.  The rain we have had lately has done very little damage to the ice where it was good.  What I am noticing is the warmups and rain will open up areas that were not safe to be traveled on anyways.  The coldsnap we are having this week is definitely making some more ice.  Hopefully we can get some more temps like that so guys can start driving trucks out.The fishing this week has remained good, between the rain and the wind the fishing pressure has been light the last few days.  Not a ton of new information to report.  Perch are still being caught over by the lights as well as some nice bluegills.  If you haven’t seen the picture on my facebook page of the 42″ Northern caught last weekend check it out! www.facebook.com/schafersriverrentals  Tip ups continue to do well both shallow and deep.  In the deeper water it is still a mixed bag, with the perch numbers not as good as they were (I think they have moved shallow).  Crappies still have been outperforming my expectations this winter, if you get them dialed in you can catch some nice fish.  Spoons have been working well out here, stop in and I can recommend a few.Thanks,Chad

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As I write this we are getting a good dose of rain which is making for some miserable fishing conditions.  There are still quite a few guys out despite the weather and it seems like the fish are sticking to the same pattern as the last week or so.  It has been good early and late, with some guys doing well midday.  Over by the lights the perch fishing has been heating up, access continues to be the biggest issue.  Hopefully the cold headed our way can tack on a few more inches so wheelers can make it around Rosebud soon.  Stop in for the latest report!Thanks,Chad

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This warm weather has slowed down the ice growth.  Luckily in the areas guys have been fishing we had a couple extra inches to spare.  If you have been fishing areas with current just be aware that it may be thinner than the last time you were out.  The good news is colder weather is on the way which should firm up everything quickly.  There are plenty of fish out in the dredge lines anywhere between 10-15 feet, you just need to be on them when they turn on.  Mornings and afternoons have been best with midday being slower.  A few guys have been able to pull in nice fish around lunch time so it isn’t a lost cause.  The fishery here on the lake is really healthy this winter with all panfish species running large, and I am expecting this winter to be dynamite!  With my expanded tanks I am now carrying 3 sizes of shiners, two sizes of rosie reds, crappie, and walleye minnows.  My freshwater tanks keep them healthy and lively!  Stop in to get the latest news.


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All good news to report this week!  We are steadily putting on ice with guys making it out to Marges Island.  Out in front of the shop we have 5+ inches.  Still need to be careful going close to Rosebud Island, although that should thicken up nicely the next few nights.  The fishing has been very good considering the areas that we are still limited to.  Guys have been catching a mixed bag of Bluegills, Crappies, and Perch.  The bite has been pretty steady through the day as well which is always nice.  Down by fishermans rd I have been told the ice is about 5 inches as well, and guys are catching Bluegills and Crappies.  There are also guys doing well on bass using tip ups and small shiners.  I have added minnow tanks so I will be carrying a larger variety and supply down here compared to previous years.  Stop in and get the latest report!

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I can’t say I have much of a fishing report yet, however I do have some information on the ice for everyone.  The early cold has been welcome for everyone who is eager to get out but with the temperature swings we aren’t getting a hard fast freeze like last year.  This weekend has the potential to do some damage to the ice as well, so fish with a buddy and use your spud!  The last two days guys have been fishing out in front of the shop and reported 3 to 3 1/2 inches of ice.  There did make it to the dredge line and about 100 yards east and west of the landing.  Fishermans rd has about 4 inches and people have been out there for multiple days now.  Camp 22 has had fisherman on it but I have not gotten an ice report.  Lauderdale’s has guys on it now as well.  Again be careful if you go out this weekend, next week has some colder temps that will make some good ice for us!  Stop in and I will let you know what I have heard!

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I am starting to feel like a broken record but weather continues to create problems!  The front that came through on Sunday with the snow completely shut down the fishing.  By Tuesday the fish started cooperating and it seems to improve day to day.  There have not been a ton of guys out with the challenging conditions, however the guys that I have talked to are catching bluegills and crappies.  I don’t have a good feel for the perch right now I haven’t spoken to anyone who has been targeting them specifically.  With the exception of Saturday the extended forecast looks pretty steady as far as temps go so I expect the bite to remain decent.  Stop in and I will let you know what I have heard!

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The weather continues to be the biggest factor in what is affecting the bite.  I can’t even give an accurate report with the temps swinging from 60’s to 40’s.  The rain we have gotten has reduced water clarity in parts of the lake, and it remains to be seen if the high water coming down the river will dirty the lake or not.  With the crest in La Crosse expected to be around 11.2 the fishing should remain good, I think water clarity will be the biggest variable.  Through yesterday the bite has been great.  I found a few hours to get out myself yesterday afternoon and did very well on perch.  What I would take away from this is that the fish are still down there, you might need to try something or somewhere different to get them!  Stop in and I can give you the latest info!

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The cold weather is here and we are really getting into the fall bite.  The bluegill bite has continued to be excellent with good size.  The perch are moving in more and more, I have started seeing jumbos getting caught.  A lot of crappies are suspended over deep water with minnows working well.  There is a steady bite all day in regards to the crappies, but the biggest fish are being caught early in the morning and later in the evening.  Bass and northern are in there fall feeding frenzy as well.  The best advice I can give is we are in one of the best times of the year to catch fish.  Get out and have some fun before it is over!



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All of the rain we have gotten this week has not slowed down the bluegill bite one bit here on Lake Onalaska.  When the temps got up into the 90’s this past weekend it did slow things down for a day or two but we are right back at it!  If you are looking for crappies a fair amount are hanging out around 8-10 feet.  It is always difficult to get a handle on how exactly the crappie bite is going to be.  I know so far like the bluegills they have been running bigger this year.  My theory is that we are seeing the benefits of poor fishing this spring.  In regards to the perch the 9-10 inchers are being caught with more regularity, and I think there will be a big upswing in both numbers and size over the next 10 days or so with cooler weather moving in.  Stop in and get the latest report!

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