This warm spell is good news for the fishing!  I think if we would have stayed as cold as we were the fish would have slowed way down.  If you have been waiting for the tip ups to get going it’s time.  Over by the lights the bass are very active, and nicer northerns have been caught.  The biggest so far that I have heard of is 38″.  The perch bite by the landing lights has continued to be feast or famine, however as a bonus guys have been pulling up some nice gills as well.  The crappies are active morning and evening with good size if you find the right area.  Since Tony retired he has been out and doing pretty well.  Here are some pictures of the bigger fish from the last time he was out.

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We now have enough ice that people are driving out just about everywhere.  If you stick to the main travel routes you should have no issues.  The perch bite has continued to be good, and I have also heard that jumbos are being caught over by the lights.  Just hope that you get out there on the right day, some days the schools seem to go elsewhere.  The crappies and bluegill bite has picked up in the dredge lines and guys are pulling in more numbers.  Don’t be afraid to fish away from the crowds I know of several areas where guys are catching fish and there are only one or two shanties.



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This cold weather has been exactly what the ice needed.  We are approaching or at 10″ for most of the lake, I heard that a car was out by the lights yesterday.  The perch bite has been really good as the picture below shows.  Those fish were caught yesterday with a minnow head on a swedish pimple.  Overall the bite is good as long as you can stay warm!  Stop in and I can get you setup with the gear you need to catch fish!

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I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas!  Since my last post the ice has thickened considerably, we are averaging 6″ and increasing quickly with this cold weather.  There has been four wheelers out here and by the lights and I expect to start seeing the permanent shanties on the ice.  As far as fishing goes the perch have been biting well out in front of the shop as well as the bluegills.  The crappies have been shutting down in the morning when the sun comes up, but guys are picking up a few during the day also.  Over by the lights the perch fishing has been decent, and some really nice northerns have been pulled up on tip ups.  Stop in for the hot colors and the latest report!



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We have our first brave souls crossing the ice!  I spoke to them when they got out there and they reported 4″ most of the way across, and 3″ where they setup.  Make sure that you are using a spud.  As you can see I have the ramp installed so you can now access the ice from my parking lot on foot or with an ATV/UTV (ice permitting).

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Not a ton of new information only I watched a guy try and spud farther out from the landing towards Rosebud and did not get far before turning around.  Long term the forecast looks promising but the next week or so we are not going to be adding a ton of ice.



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Here is where we are at this morning. 3″ of clear ice, with some cloudy ice on top of that. This is just off of the docks, ice may be thinner farther out. Please be careful!!!

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I am getting more reports of people fishing, as well as someone going through the ice on Fishermans Road.  From what I have heard there is 2 1/2 to 3 inches in Airport bay.  Please be careful.  In front of the shop we have about the same amount close to shore, but there is a 100 yards long by 50 yards wide spot about 50 yards off of the landing that only closed up this weekend.  There were people fishing right around the docks at the landing, but it will take some time to thicken up out farther.  Be patient there will be plenty of ice in the near future, its not worth going for a swim.



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Just a quick ice update.  I heard from guys yesterday that people are fishing round lake/mud lake in Trempealeau.  I also heard there were guys fishing south of Goose Island.  I’m not sure if anyone tried Airport Bay yet this morning, but as of yesterday there was not anyone out there yet.  As far as in front of the shop for whatever reason it is struggling to close up.  There is still open water 50 yards out from the boat landing and a good chunk open south of Halfway creek.  I have no idea why we have had plenty of cold weather that should have locked it up.  At this rate it will be another week before anyone is able to get out here.  I will update the report as conditions change.  I am fully stocked with live bait and have an expanded plastics section as well as some new tungsten, so stop in and get loaded up!



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The lake has turned over and the fishing has pretty well shut down.  I am starting to get the winter inventory out and I will have some new lines of jigs and spoons this year.  Looking forward to ice!!!

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