The ice conditions continue to improve. I would say we are averaging 10″, but there are still a few areas of concern. The open water over by the sailboat club is still an issue, and there is a pressure break running east to west from the tracks to the tip of the small islands running off the south east corner of Rosebud. I would think that the cold weather last night and tonight will help those two areas tremendously. There have been ATVs traveling from here to the lights just use caution around the small islands previously mentioned.

As far as fishing goes the bite has remained fairly steady. The northern bite has picked up a bit, and I would expect it to take off at any time here. The big question so far has been where are the big schools of perch. There has been some success west of the lights but not what you would normally see this time of year. They will be in at some point and if you catch them right away you will have a day to remember. The dredge lines east of me continue to hold lots of bluegills and crappies, the key is figuring out their feeding windows. The colder and snowier it gets the smaller the windows are. Stop in for the latest news!


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Ice conditions continue to improve with the average on this side of the lake around 8″. I saw some ATVs drive from here to the lights yesterday, please use caution if you are going to do that. The fishing has remained steady from last week with crappies biting the best. The bluegills have moved around some, don’t be afraid to try different areas. Northerns have really started to take off and some big fish are being caught. Perch have been harder to come by. There was a school off of the sailboat club but that seems to be over for now. Stop in and get the latest news!


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Ice conditions aside we are starting off the new year on a good note. Fishing in general improved over last week, which was good to begin with. Guys have started finding perch again in the deeper water, and you will have a hard time getting away from bluegills there are so many out there right now. Checkout my facebook page for some pictures of big fish caught recently. https://www.facebook.com/schafersriverrentals/ Ice conditions continue to be on everyone’s mind, I would say over the dredged areas we are averaging 6″ with some places with more. The channel close to Rosebud Island across from the shop is thinner due to the flow. There are ATVs going out, if you are planning on taking yours just be careful and check the ice you are unsure of. Good luck and get out while the fishing is good!



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The ice season has started out well with lots of nice bluegills and perch being caught. Most of the action has been east of the shop in 10-12 ft of water. The early ice adage has held true this year, I have seen some really nice fish already this year. We are averaging 6 inches of ice and there has been a few ATVs out. I expect with this warm up in the next week ATV traffic will stop. We should have plenty of ice to fish through the warm temperatures if you are willing to walk.



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Check the ice this morning and we are looking at 3 1/2 – 4 inches. Drilled on the clear ice over the dredge line and the ice thickness was the same. One guy out now I expect by the end of the day there will be people fishing all over the area in front of the shop.



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The water is up into the parking lot, we have lost ice at an amazing pace this year.  We lost over 18 inches of ice in under a week.  We are still a week or two out from perch spawning, but they have started catching them up in Blackdeers.  Guys from shore have been doing better than the boats.   We still have two more feet for the river to rise so fishing will become more difficult as each day passes.  Hopefully we can flush all of this water out quickly and get back to normal levels.  I will have a fresh stock of red worms and night crawlers coming in today, and I have plenty of minnows if you need them.



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Well late ice is here.  The rain has knocked down most of the snow and there is standing water on the ice in some spots.  I am already getting calls asking about the ice, we have plenty still and I imagine guys will be driving on for the next week or so especially since the nights are going to be below freezing.  Just be careful and if you don’t know where the ice goes out first hitch a ride with someone who does.  The fish has responded very well to the warm up with the bite picking up across the board.  I know there have been a lot of guys fishing by the airport lights and catching perch and northern.  On my side of the lake the bluegills have woken up and are active in the dredge lines along with a few perch.  The crappie bite is inconsistent still from the reports I have gotten.  As of right now the river in La Crosse is forecasted to crest over the weekend at 9.3 ft which does not normally raise the lake much at all.  I do not see the rise in the river being detrimental to the fishing on the lake.  Overall we are getting through the warm up much better then I expected and for the near future we will have fishable ice.



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Update: Fishermans Road has reopened. I guess there was enough of an uproar that they changed their mind.

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It will be nice once I can give a report without leading with how much the weather is impacting fishing, it would be nice to get some consistency in the weather pattern.  We have been adding ice like crazy on the lake, however it is yet to be seen what effect it has had on the ice breaks as well as the bad ice by the sailboat club.  If you are going out for the Atomic Derby on Saturday and you have not yet fished the lake this year, make sure you talk to someone who is familiar with the ice conditions so you don’t go for a swim.  As of today they are still not traveling from here to the Airport lights.  As far as the fishing goes the lights remain steady with the perch bite with a lot of guys saying they go out for half a day and come home with 8-10 nice perch.  It is a guessing game over there as far as the hot bite and you just have to be out there when a school decides to move in.  The crappie bite has remained strong, and continues to outperform my expectations this winter in both size and numbers.  With the weather changing constantly they have really been moving around, and pinning down the school can be some work.  The bluegill bite has slowed, but you are still able to pull up some 9+ inch fish pretty regular.  If you are wondering what is chasing your bait up the water column and not biting most likely it is a bluegill.   Stop in and get the latest ice and fishing report!

One last note Atomic has moved their weigh in to Mosey’s Landing next to the shop due to ice conditions at Nelson Park.


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Much to everyone who called in the last few days surprise the lake did not lose much from the rain last week.  In addition to that at least in the dredged area of the lake most of the ice is getting close to the 10″ mark with some areas over a foot.  Other parts of the lake continue to struggle.  I get a lot of calls about best ways to access the airport lights.  From what I have been told the shortest way is going straight across from the Nelson park landing and cutting over land.  I imagine their is a visible trail by now.  I still don’t think you can get to the lights from by me.  As far as the fishing goes I have been getting a lot of good reports.  The crappies have turned on and been biting with much more frequency then last week and I have seen some nice ones come through the shop.  The perch bite has been good over by the lights both in size and quantity.  I hope everyone is appreciating the world class perch fishery we have, and realizing what that without good water or habitat those fish wouldn’t be here!  The bluegill bite has also been good and the size remains above average.  Northerns have really started to pop, the pressure has been light for them considering the success guys are having with tip ups.

That being said I don’t want to get on a soap box but I want to encourage everyone to get involved with a local conservation club.  This lake is a perfect example of a body of water that needs to be actively managed to prevent it from filling in with sediment from the river.  What I have learned since owning this shop is that the local clubs and groups are the ones able to make the most impact on projects on our fisheries but they are lacking the people at times to get as much done as they would like.  Just remember that if everyone doesn’t pitch in to help preserve what we have it could disappear quickly!
Stop in and get the latest report!


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