Ice is still the main concern for most fisherman.  The shoreline really took a hit on Saturday, but the good news is that the cold temps last night really firmed things back up.  I saw a guy drive an ATV onto the ice from the landing this morning.  I don’t expect that to last long but it will still be accessible on foot for the near term.  Ice thickness overall seems to be around 16″ with the issue really being access like I said.  The snow has really thrown a wrench into things here on the lake.  Late last week the fishing was very good right in front of the shop with numbers and size being caught.  With the snow on the ice is has slowed down.  There have been some guys venturing out to Marge’s Island, and if you are willing to make the trek the fishing has been good over there.  I also have talked to a few guys who are catching some bluegills in Airport bay off fishermans road.  I would bet that the fish are biting in other parts of the lake but I have not been getting very many reports as it seems like most guys have quit for the year.  Now is the time to get out while we still have good ice and the fish start to get more active!  Stop in and get the latest ice and fishing report!