Its really hard to give a report that is accurate right now as conditions are changing so quickly.  We were warm and now we have a few days in the 50’s.  Last weekend the water was a good 30 feet up the landing, and now we are only a few inches away from normal levels on the lake.  You really need to stay flexible and be ready for the fish to be in a different area then the last time you were out.  Earlier in the week the bluegills were moving up into the shallows, but now that the temp has dropped they moved deeper again.  I expect the gill bite to be excellent over the next week with the warm temperatures returning and the start of the spawn for them.  The crappies are a mystery this spring with the bite being sporadic and slow.  As far as I can tell they have not spawned yet, they should be going anytime now.  The bass and northern bite has been really good this week, with the pike especially being very active.  Stop in for the latest report!