Much to everyone who called in the last few days surprise the lake did not lose much from the rain last week.  In addition to that at least in the dredged area of the lake most of the ice is getting close to the 10″ mark with some areas over a foot.  Other parts of the lake continue to struggle.  I get a lot of calls about best ways to access the airport lights.  From what I have been told the shortest way is going straight across from the Nelson park landing and cutting over land.  I imagine their is a visible trail by now.  I still don’t think you can get to the lights from by me.  As far as the fishing goes I have been getting a lot of good reports.  The crappies have turned on and been biting with much more frequency then last week and I have seen some nice ones come through the shop.  The perch bite has been good over by the lights both in size and quantity.  I hope everyone is appreciating the world class perch fishery we have, and realizing what that without good water or habitat those fish wouldn’t be here!  The bluegill bite has also been good and the size remains above average.  Northerns have really started to pop, the pressure has been light for them considering the success guys are having with tip ups.

That being said I don’t want to get on a soap box but I want to encourage everyone to get involved with a local conservation club.  This lake is a perfect example of a body of water that needs to be actively managed to prevent it from filling in with sediment from the river.  What I have learned since owning this shop is that the local clubs and groups are the ones able to make the most impact on projects on our fisheries but they are lacking the people at times to get as much done as they would like.  Just remember that if everyone doesn’t pitch in to help preserve what we have it could disappear quickly!
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