It will be nice once I can give a report without leading with how much the weather is impacting fishing, it would be nice to get some consistency in the weather pattern.  We have been adding ice like crazy on the lake, however it is yet to be seen what effect it has had on the ice breaks as well as the bad ice by the sailboat club.  If you are going out for the Atomic Derby on Saturday and you have not yet fished the lake this year, make sure you talk to someone who is familiar with the ice conditions so you don’t go for a swim.  As of today they are still not traveling from here to the Airport lights.  As far as the fishing goes the lights remain steady with the perch bite with a lot of guys saying they go out for half a day and come home with 8-10 nice perch.  It is a guessing game over there as far as the hot bite and you just have to be out there when a school decides to move in.  The crappie bite has remained strong, and continues to outperform my expectations this winter in both size and numbers.  With the weather changing constantly they have really been moving around, and pinning down the school can be some work.  The bluegill bite has slowed, but you are still able to pull up some 9+ inch fish pretty regular.  If you are wondering what is chasing your bait up the water column and not biting most likely it is a bluegill.   Stop in and get the latest ice and fishing report!

One last note Atomic has moved their weigh in to Mosey’s Landing next to the shop due to ice conditions at Nelson Park.