Pretty sparse report this week due to the cold weather.  I was closed yesterday and on Tuesday there weren’t very many people out either.  The guys I did talk to Monday and Tuesday reported a pretty slow bite all around which is no surprise.  The Atomic derby last Saturday also had a tough row to hoe and their fish numbers were way down.  The good news is this weekend we are going to have some bikini weather with highs in the 40’s.  The question will be how much rain we get on Sunday and Monday.  My hope is we do not get any, but if we do I think we are better off getting a fair amount and hopefully melting most of the snow off of the ice.  Just be aware it may make driving difficult if it creates a crust with slush underneath it.  Next week looks pretty good aside from the rain and we should see the bite pick back up.  The guys with cameras are still reporting seeing a lot of plus sized fish so we just need the conditions to cooperate!  Stop in and get your tickets for the Brice Prairie Conservation Association Derby on Saturday!