Well the snow is the topic of greatest interest for a lot of people now so I will start with that.  We have about 16 inches of snow on the ice after receiving about 12″ earlier this week.  We have plowed paths out from Mosey’s Landing next to the shop to just south of Marge’s Island (small island east of Rosebud Island).  If you have a 4×4 truck or SUV with decent clearance you can still venture out into the snow without issue, there have been plenty of guys driving over to the lights.  The people who are having issue are people with cars/SUVs that sit lower to the ground.  The snow gets packed up underneath the vehicle and you end up becoming real friendly with a shovel.  I have been out with my ATV and I was still able to travel around but it was work.  

Just to let everyone know it is the WIFA State High School Ice Fishing Championship this weekend on Pools 7&8.  We have been told to expect about 1,000 kids to participate.   They are not allowed onto the ice until 6:30 Saturday morning however they start staging at landings as early as 5 AM.  This means that there will be significant congestion at the landings during that time.  They will be prefishing Friday as well.  I will have extended hours for this event- Friday I am opening at 6 AM, Saturday I am opening at 5 AM.  I am loaded to the max with bait so we should not have any issues running out.

As far as the fishing goes I do not have a ton of new information.  With the derby last weekend they were catching crappies suspended in 10+ ft of water about 2-3 ft off the bottom.  The bluegills are both shallow and deep, however I think the best bet is to target them shallow.  The pike are still biting but I have not seen a 40+ incher in 2 weeks or so.  The perch bite is steady and guys have been telling me they are catching them over by the lights.  The beginning of the week there was two days that some guys got on a hot bite in the dredged areas and they were catching perch deep which was unusual.  Keep in mind that the snow on the ice will cause the oxygen to start depleting and fish will be on the move to places with higher oxygen.
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