Once again the weather is the main topic on everyone’s mind. The storm this past weekend has impacted the lake quite a bit. Fisherman’s Rd is no longer open, the airport closed the gate and they are not committing to a date when the road will open again. They had to take the snowblower for the runway out there to get two guys out over the weekend. There are some significant slushy areas on the ice which is preventing guys from driving much farther then Marges Island. They seem to be getting around ok in the dredged areas however. I have spoken to the warden several times now about permanent shanties and if you are having issues removing yours give him a call and they are willing to work with you on it. If you want more information on that feel free to call me as well.

As far as the fishing goes the pressure has been really light this week so reports have been few and far between. The perch are starting to move around, they are starting to pick up some here and there in front of the shop. A couple of groups have also run tip ups out from me and they are picking up northerns. I don’t have any information on bluegills or crappies if you head out let me know how it goes! My report is only as good as the information that I get from fisherman!

You can’t catch them from the couch!