Late ice is going by about as quickly as is possible.  Its a real bummer because this is when the fish really start biting well.  As far as ice conditions we are starting to see some significant deterioration of the main ice sheet.  Guys are saying that we have around 15 inches left with probably 10 of it being clear solid ice.  That’s quite a bit of ice lost considering that we were between 25-30 inches 2 weeks ago  Ever since last Friday overnight into Saturday the shorelines got wet due to the lake rising about a foot overnight.  Guys are still able to access off of the docks at the landing with ease, and there was one ATV out yesterday.  As far as the fishing goes guys are hammering crappies with some nice ones being caught.  Multiple reports of fish over 15 inches with an average of 11-12.  If you are willing to make the walk they are down by Marge’s Island.  They are also picking up a few perch but I have not heard of anyone targeting perch successfully.  The high water mixed with the poor clarity is changing the normal fish patterns and guys have really struggled to get on any sort of consistent bite besides the one I mentioned.  That being said if we see an improvement in clarity it should improve the overall bite.  Stop in for the latest report, conditions are changing quickly!

Also another note I don’t mind taking phone calls but please remain brief I have been receiving about 30 calls a day.  If I don’t answer I am on the phone with someone else or helping a customer.  Also I do not return messages when guys ask me to call them back with a report.