Alright I have finished my vacation from this and you can expect weekly updates from here on out. The warm water fishing as a whole on Pool 7 has been way below average mostly due to the extended high water. The way I look at it though is the fish are still out there getting fatter, and it was also ideal spawning conditions for most species. We should see an overall improved fishery for the next several years because of it.

In regards to the fishing right now we are running a few weeks behind the normal cycle for Lake Onalaska, usually the bluegills are in and feeding heavily. You can still go out and have a good day, however you will have to work to find them. A few guys have been able to find the crappies and perch, take a look at my facebook page to see a picture from last week. If you have been waiting to go out on the main channel we are now close to 6 feet, and the water conditions are probably the best they have this summer and last.

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