The fishing continues to be pretty good even with the increased pressure we are seeing this year.  If you are fishing on the weekends you will definitely have some neighbors while you are on the ice.  Weekdays have significantly less people, if you want to bounce around a bit it might be worth it to take some vacation during the week.  The fish have moved out from in front of the shop as they normally do when they get pressured.  Guys are catching quite a few bluegills by Marge’s Island as well as some perch and crappies.  The lights have been boom or bust for perch.  If they are firing and you use tip downs expect to have a fun day.  The northern and bass fishing has picked up by the lights as well.  I haven’t heard of any 40″ fish yet but I know multiple mid 30s have been caught, with some guys reporting days where they have a lot of flags.  Stop in for the latest report and to get your bait and tackle!