Things are starting to heat up here as we get into the late ice season!  Starting with ice conditions- I haven’t heard how fisherman’s road and the sailboat club are, but Mosey’s landing is still handling trucks.  Yesterday it did take a hit and the one side is broken up a bit, however there is still plenty of area that is solid.  I would say that we are still averaging 16 inches of ice, but of course with this time of year there will be more variability.  The hot streak for northern continue mostly out by the lights.  Size continues to run big and guys are still getting plenty of flags.  The perch are starting to cooperate better with them starting to move into their traditional late ice areas.  They are starting to pick them up in front of the shop.  I think we are still a week or two away from peak perch fishing.  The bluegill bite remains fair, and the crappie bite is still mostly early and late.

I would expect 90% of truck and car traffic to be done after this weekend, however if atvs are still able to access the ice sheet we may see guys taking them out for a week or more depending on if we get any rain.

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I am disappointed in the lack of donations from last weeks report.  If everyone wants to keep this fishery going we need to be proactive not reactive.  I have and will continue to put my time and money into improving this lake but I cannot do it alone.  A little bit from a lot of people can make a huge difference.



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