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Things are starting to heat up here as we get into the late ice season!  Starting with ice conditions- I haven’t heard how fisherman’s road and the sailboat club are, but Mosey’s landing is still handling trucks.  Yesterday it did take a hit and the one side is broken up a bit, however there is still plenty of area that is solid.  I would say that we are still averaging 16 inches of ice, but of course with this time of year there will be more variability.  The hot streak for northern continue mostly out by the lights.  Size continues to run big and guys are still getting plenty of flags.  The perch are starting to cooperate better with them starting to move into their traditional late ice areas.  They are starting to pick them up in front of the shop.  I think we are still a week or two away from peak perch fishing.  The bluegill bite remains fair, and the crappie bite is still mostly early and late.

I would expect 90% of truck and car traffic to be done after this weekend, however if atvs are still able to access the ice sheet we may see guys taking them out for a week or more depending on if we get any rain.

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I am disappointed in the lack of donations from last weeks report.  If everyone wants to keep this fishery going we need to be proactive not reactive.  I have and will continue to put my time and money into improving this lake but I cannot do it alone.  A little bit from a lot of people can make a huge difference.



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I think I can officially say that we are through the midwinter lull.  The fact that the cold snap coincided with the lull did not help things.  The warm weather is definitely making a difference for fish activity.  The tip ups are absolutely on fire with both bass and northern being caught.  The perch are starting to ramp up and that bite should continue improving.  The big wild card this season has been the bluegills.  Marge’s Island has been the most consistent area for them but I have heard there are nice gills by the landing lights as well.  Although the crappie bite has been poor so far this season there are signs that we are going to have a good late ice bite.  Stop in for the latest report.

There has been a recent effort to raise some money to kick start some larger projects on the lake.  This year especially, but every year this lake absorbs a tremendous amount of fishing pressure and is still able to produce trophy fish!  In order to keep doing this, and also to make it even better habitat projects will need to be done.  For us to get a project studies need to be conducted on the lake showing what is wrong and the best way to fix it.  That is where we come in.  If we can all pitch in a few dollars we can make it happen!  Please go to gf.me/u/zb6wdz and give what you can!  Just think of the possibilities for fishing if we can get some more deep water habitat, islands with sheltered bays, and other features added to the lake!  We have a ton of water that is not currently good habitat and if that changes we will have so much better fishing!

Please go to gf.me/u/zb6wdz and donate today!




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We have added enough ice for some people to brave driving out their vehicles.  I would be very cautious as the ice thickness can vary.  The fishing overall has slowed down in the last week or so.  The fish are still here they are just tight lipped.  That being said there is a bite window most days where you can pick up some nice fish.  The northern fishing remains good people are catching both size and numbers.  The best area is the lights as usual.  I have had two customers pick up northern in the H after dark in our sleeper shanties.  They measured 35″ and 38″.  Before that I did not think that they would bite at night.  We do have the temps changing both up and down in the extended forecast as well as some snow.  If you can try and key in on the weather changes to get into a good bite.  Stop in for the latest!



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The fishing continues to be pretty good even with the increased pressure we are seeing this year.  If you are fishing on the weekends you will definitely have some neighbors while you are on the ice.  Weekdays have significantly less people, if you want to bounce around a bit it might be worth it to take some vacation during the week.  The fish have moved out from in front of the shop as they normally do when they get pressured.  Guys are catching quite a few bluegills by Marge’s Island as well as some perch and crappies.  The lights have been boom or bust for perch.  If they are firing and you use tip downs expect to have a fun day.  The northern and bass fishing has picked up by the lights as well.  I haven’t heard of any 40″ fish yet but I know multiple mid 30s have been caught, with some guys reporting days where they have a lot of flags.  Stop in for the latest report and to get your bait and tackle!



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The ice keeps growing and fish reports are starting to come in.  The channel in front of the shop to the east to halfway creek is averaging around 4 inches.  There are still areas that are thinner so if you venture out take a spud.  As far as fishing goes the perch bite has been good, I have seen multiple over 13″ brought into the shop.  The crappies are being a bit elusive I think the bite will improve when the ice gets a bit thicker.  The bluegill bite has been strong with a lot of nice eaters being caught.  I haven’t seen very many real big ones yet but they will show up soon enough.  Haven’t had many guys go for northern yet but they are getting caught jigging so I suspect it will be a good year for them.  Stop in for the latest reports on ice and fish!


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We finally have ice!  About 3″ in front of the shop, I ventured to the east a bit and the ice is pretty steady.  There is still open water around Marge’s Island and to the West of the shop so be careful if you explore past where people have been.  We should keep adding ice for the next few days but then we warm up for a bit.

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We seem to be on the tail end of the Crappie spawn. The crappies are still out there and you can catch some nice ones, but I expect they will move out this week with the warm temps. Those warm temps should also be a kickstart to the bluegills moving into the shallows to spawn. With the water being low on the lake and the temps increasing as quickly as they are things are going to change fast. The bass and northern continue to bite, and topwater season is here! Stop in for the latest report.



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I think we are starting to move out of the mid winter lull that we have every year. Although the fishing has been slow this week I expect it to pick up this weekend with the warmer temperatures. Some water running down into the holes is always makes the fish wake up some. Hopefully I get some good reports this weekend so I can give everyone an idea of what the bite going to be like.



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We are past the Atomic Derby and onto Brice Prairie Conservation Association Derby this weekend. Unfortunately for the Atomic the fish had lock jaw that day and the catch from the lake was down. We are in the mid winter pattern for sure, with most guys picking up their fish for the day in a 1 or 2 hour window. The pike have started biting better, I have talked to guys who are catching them both shallow and deep. If you can’t fish the BPCA at least swing down and get a cash raffle ticket. They have in the past supported projects on the lake and donated a lot of money to the renovation of the landing last year!



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The ice conditions continue to improve. I would say we are averaging 10″, but there are still a few areas of concern. The open water over by the sailboat club is still an issue, and there is a pressure break running east to west from the tracks to the tip of the small islands running off the south east corner of Rosebud. I would think that the cold weather last night and tonight will help those two areas tremendously. There have been ATVs traveling from here to the lights just use caution around the small islands previously mentioned.

As far as fishing goes the bite has remained fairly steady. The northern bite has picked up a bit, and I would expect it to take off at any time here. The big question so far has been where are the big schools of perch. There has been some success west of the lights but not what you would normally see this time of year. They will be in at some point and if you catch them right away you will have a day to remember. The dredge lines east of me continue to hold lots of bluegills and crappies, the key is figuring out their feeding windows. The colder and snowier it gets the smaller the windows are. Stop in for the latest news!


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